Blog-timidation and My Big Comeback

Good morning, I haven’t logged in since December.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s now June.

Here’s my honest confession – I had so much to blog about between my last post and this one that I just didn’t do it. I was intimidated. But I’ve recently met a new friend that inspired me to get right back on the hobby-horse (Ha! Get it? Blogging is a hobby) and write this post.


When I was in school, I took a class on blogging. The teacher was very intense and seemed too old to be teaching a modern blogging class but she knew her stuff. She knew when the best time to post was, she knew that people like list posts and don’t like soapboxes. She knew the importance of consistency in blogging.

It’s the consistency that is the scariest part. What if I run out out of topics? What if my followers aren’t fans of my personality? What if they think I’m a poser or that I’m lying? What if I don’t post enough and it dies?

Well, guess what? That’s exactly what happened simply because I was too intimidated to put something out there in Interweb space. As if there’s an Interweb spider waiting to attack.


Enter a caption

I’m sorry for fearing that spider but here’s my counter-attack:

I will be posting. I have a plan. And, since this is a fitness blog after all, I also have a diet and workout plan to go with it.

But first things first.

My next post is going to be a complete update of my fitness ups and downs from December to January. I should’ve been posting about it the entire time but I didn’t. But I will say that I achieved what I set out to do back in December – Log everything that I ate and continue on my fitness journey.

I did a Whole30.

I have my squat at 110 pounds (40 away from my New Year’s Resolution!).

And there will be posts. Oh, will there be posts.

And that’s the Way of Fit.

Food Log, 6/7:

Breakfast – sliced banana and frozen strawberries with unsweetened almond milk poured over them, coffee with Splenda (I know, artificial sweeteners are the devil) and vanilla creamer

Lunch – spinach salad with tuna and grapes

Snack – oatmeal (fruit and nut OWNS)

Dinner – chicken noodle soup

Night – almonds and dried cranberries, hot tea (dragonberry… The boyfriend gets excited in the tea aisle at Fresh Market)


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