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My name is Carina. I’m a 25-year-old marketing coordinator. I have run three half marathons and one full. I’m a former swimmer. My most current love is Crossfit.

I love to exercise but I also struggle to keep my eating habits under control. I recently read about an eating disorder known as binge-eating disorder or BED. Although I am not overweight, I match all the symptoms.

Luckily,¬†I also enjoy exercise. I can’t remember my life without it. I’ve been jogging as long as I remember. I love hiking. I love the outdoors.

This blog is going to hold me accountable on my Crossfit journey, for future marathon training, and to prevent me from my bad habit of binge-eating.

Health isn’t a number or a body type. A positive outlook and a good sense of humor is the first step in living a healthy lifestyle.

And that’s The Way of Fit.

I hope you enjoy my blog and stay a while!