Shopping for CrossFits – Day 1


I remember the first time I joined a CrossFit gym, or a “box” – a jargon term that I just can’t bring myself to use – I just jumped right in. I went to the gym across the street from where I was working, said, “I’m an athlete that feels the need to switch my workout up,” and I was signed up for Fundamentals before I could question whether or not my gym was a good one.

It turned out to be one of the best CrossFit gymsthat I would ever step foot into. With more than six coaches and part-time coaches to work as subs, I was in great company with CrossFit Lakeland. The majority of these coaches even had personal training backgrounds. Two or three had exercise science majors under their weight belts.

Ergo, finding a new gym to attend is going to be challenging.

Here are steps I’ve taken:

  1. Google “CrossFit gyms near “insert my address here.”
  2. Zoom in on gyms within a 2-3 mile radius… Anywhere that would take me more than 10 minutes to get to is honestly just not going to work out for me.
  3. Email each gym to ask about testing out since I’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year (despite my two months of not being affiliated with an actual gym, I’ve been consistently pulling WODs from online and doing them).
  4. Schedule times to come in to meet the staff, see the gym, and do a WOD.

So far I’ve visited one box – CrossFit Winter Park.


The gym set-up remind me of my gym sweet gym from back in Lakeland. It was spacious, high-ceilinged, and air conditioned (a luxury to a lot of boxes, trust me). The coaching staff were instructive, the members seemed happy, supportive, and non-judgmental… My only issue is price because it costs more than my old gym (granted only by $10 but why should it cost more with less space?).
I did like that the coaches were all friendly and really interested in chatting with me, plus, they asked me to come in for a second free WOD just to see how other days of the week went. I’m going back Thursday for a more mobility-related day. I’m excited for that.

I also made friends with people my age named Stephanie and Sierra. Although they haven’t been doing CrossFit as long as me, they were totally ready to include me at their bar and let me know their thoughts about CrossFit Winter Park.

By the end of the WOD and the admission that there was free yoga on Sundays at 10 a.m., I wanted to join then and there but I still have two more CrossFit gyms to check out:

Supernatural CrossFit (downsides so far include no 6 a.m. class which is more likely the time I’d want to go)

CrossFit Orlando (downsides include a very packed gym)

I will keep you updated on these gyms. Here’s a summary of the Pros and Cons of CrossFit Winter Park

Pros: Uses Wodify, Sunday yoga, Dedicates Thursdays to mobility and technique

Cons: Price, a lot of stoplights on the way

Yesterday’s WOD:

200m Run then Group Barbell Jerk Warm-up

Split Jerk
4@70%, 3@75%, 2@80%, 2@85%, 2@85%+

Only worked up to 85 lbs split jerk but hey… Just getting back.

300m Row
30 Ball Slam (25/15)
30 C2B
30 Reverse DB Lunges (25/15)
20 Ball Slam
20 Pull-up
20 Reverse DB Lunges
10 Ball Slam
10 Strict Pull-up
10 Reverse DB Lunges

It took me 15:13 and I definitely did ring rows for the most part even when I started with banded pull-ups. Sigh.

10/11 Food Log:

W: 156.2

Breakfast – banana, blueberries, apple Lara Bar (chopped up) with unsweetened vanilla cashew milk

Lunch – Turkey roll ups with avocado and red bell pepper in them, 20 grapes

Dinner – 1/2 Greek salad with 1/3 a pita from Christo’s (oh, if only you KNEW this diner)

After dinner – like… 10 honey wheat pretzel sticks. Maybe more. Delicious.

10/12 Food Log:

W: 156.5

Breakfast: 1/2 Greek salad with 2/3 a pita (leftover from last night’s dinner), coffee with cashew milk and chocolate syrup

Lunch: Chicken pita from Pita Pit, popcorn

Snack: HOMEMADE (this is why I made this decision) chocolate cheesecake with whipped cream (OMG it was dreamy, don’t hate, ya’ll) with cashew milk

Dinner: Scotch eggs (turkey sausage wrapped around a boiled egg and baked), Brussel sprouts

After: Hot tea – possibly Throat Coat because I’m weird and think it tastes like licorice.




Goals Before the Polls

It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve logged into WordPress. So long, in fact, that I had forgotten my password and was required to create a new one.
Image result for back on the horse memes
Here is a short summary of my life since the last post:

  1. I failed yet again at my Whole30 attempt due to life happening (see below).
  2. I quit my job and got a new job back in the Orlando area.
  3. I moved to the Orlando area and moved in with my cop boyfriend (gasp).
  4. Living with a guy that thinks I’m beautiful in every way possible makes indulging more than okay.
  5. Indulging catches up with you so I’ve gained 10-15 pounds… Not that it matters but I really like to keep my body at a comfortable, regular weight.*

*Disclaimer – I LOVE my body. It does AMAZING things. Please don’t misinterpret this to mean I am not a supporter of body positivity, especially my own. Every body is beautiful and every person should feel good in theirs… I just know at what level I feel good in mine 🙂

All that being said, I think it’s time to get back on track. And with the election pending and the polls indicating a currently uncertain future for the United States, getting back on track is a sure-fire way to make sure my own future plans are certain.
Image result for donkey elephant
Getting back on track is a perfect excuse to come back to blogging and give it the good old college try (much like the Noles did against Miami Saturday evening, yikes). I’m encouraged because so many of my favorite bloggers have admitted to attempting blogging several times before getting it down pat.

So without further ado, let’s bang out a list of goals that I’m going to set for myself.

  1. This is the most obvious… Start blogging again and more consistently than before!
  2. Get back into CrossFit because I miss it – when I moved, I had to say good bye to my box AND all that progress. Hopefully I have digressed so much that I can’t hit my next goal…
  3. Squat 150 pounds by the end of the year. I tried last month and surprised myself by back squatting 135 pounds. That’s only 15 more pounds, people!
  4. Continue to go to yoga once a week (because I’ve been successful at that!).
  5. Run 2-3 times a week.
  6. Get back to a level of fitness that I’m comfortable at by eating cleaner and indulging when it’s truly worth it (i.e. Grandma’s homemade brownies or whenever my boyfriend cooks).

I’m excited to get back on here to have wonderful, like-thinking people to support me since the last people I worked out with live in San Francisco!


And because I can’t just let others carry me, here are my real-life first steps in achieving these six goals:

  1. Blog instead of keep a paper journal (which is what I’ve done in the past). This way I will actually get blog posts up because keeping track of my food and workouts will be done right here.
  2. I emailed three different CrossFit boxes within 2 miles of my neighborhood. I’ve already made arrangements to go to my first class tomorrow (6 a.m., oy, wish me luck getting back into that routine).
  3. See above!
  4. I’ve been buying 5-day passes that are good for 90 days with a yoga place in my neighborhood – College Park Yoga – and I plan to continue because it feels SO GOOD.
  5. I’ve been doing this but I need to have more focus on my runs… Luckily, the weather is getting better and is helping me achieve this goal in doing so.
  6. This is my toughest goal because eating cleaner is the best way to achieve it and food is both the love of my life and my arch nemesis. Working out comes easily to me but fueling my body properly (meaning, not over-feeding it) is a challenge. I will be journaling my food intake here so hopefully knowing I have to tell people when I stumble off the path of righteousness (or the top of the food pyramid) will make it easier for me.

And that’s the Way of Fit.

W: Let’s just say 158ish

Food Log:

Breakfast – oatmeal with a spoonful of almond butter, cocoa powder, blueberries and Splenda, black coffee

Lunch – Turkey roll-ups with red bell pepper slices and avocado inside, a banana, some walnuts, some cashew milk

Dinner – Surprise Crockpot dinner made by my boyfriend (it’s always interesting)

After Dinner – Pumpkin tea

Workout: 2.5 mile run (usually I run Tues/Thurs/Sun but the WEATHER is too beautiful)

Question of the Day: What do you do when you fall off the fitness wagon? What are your goals for getting back on track? 

The Rise and Fall… Of the Scale

Remember back at the end of December when I declared my fitness goals for the year 2016?scale

Well, I was sincerely goal-getting up until the beginning of March. As my college roommate and I used to say when we needed a good dose of enabling, “what ha’ happened was” I made the classic mistake of dieting restrictively and then going on a major binge once I was done.

I was going strong – no alcohol, my job and my gym were both having “Look Good Naked” challenges, I was sticking to Whole30 rules.

My weight went from 152 at the beginning of the year to 139 by the end of February and into the beginning of March. I was feeling stronger at the gym. I was feeling confident in my bikini. I didn’t miss anything except for chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal.

Oh. And red wine.

So when the challenges were over at the beginning of March and I was feeling like I “looked good naked,” I decided it was time to treat yo’self in proper Parks and Recreation fashion (FINE LEATHER GOODS). Someone brought in donuts at work? Don’t mind if I do! Watching episode after episode of Friends? Popcorn and chocolate chips pair well together.

treat yoself

I never missed my workouts. I kept up with my runs for the most part. But improper fueling lead to feeling weak and fatigued during box jumps. My runs went from a good-for-me pace of 9:15 to over a 10-minute pace.

And the scale.

It crept at first.

Then it seemed to skyrocket.

Currently, as I type this, I feel upset because I stepped on my scale this morning and weighed in heavier than I’ve ever been – 158 pounds.

I knew I wasn’t going to like the number that I saw. And I know I’m not supposed to let that bother me. But it’s hard to see such a drastic change in digital numbers between your feet – the reality that your performance has decreased because your food consumption has increased.

I am a classic case of how dieting doesn’t work which is why the next move I make to improve my health is going to be a lifestyle upheaval.

Here’s my plan:

Starting today, I am going to do a real Whole30.

Once I complete this true Whole30 with the tentative goal of getting my weight and performance back under control, I will adapt the eating rules to allow me to live my life happily, in moderation, and healthily.

That means chocolate.

That means peanut butter. Oatmeal.

And, of course, red wine.

And that’s the Way of Fit.

Food Log, 6/8

Breakfast – Coconut Cacao Rx Bar, black coffee w/coconut oil (cuckoo for coconut, apparently)

Lunch – Spinach salad with tuna and grapes

Snacks – Turkey-wrapped apricots (post pending!), frozen blueberries with unsweetened almond milk poured over + tbsp of unsweetened shredded coconut, coffee w/unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Dinner – salsa-covered chicken coated in nutritional yeast (sounds awful but it’s not, I swear), olive oil and garlic collard greens

Dessert – almond and cranberry trail mix, hot tea

Blog-timidation and My Big Comeback

Good morning, I haven’t logged in since December.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s now June.

Here’s my honest confession – I had so much to blog about between my last post and this one that I just didn’t do it. I was intimidated. But I’ve recently met a new friend that inspired me to get right back on the hobby-horse (Ha! Get it? Blogging is a hobby) and write this post.


When I was in school, I took a class on blogging. The teacher was very intense and seemed too old to be teaching a modern blogging class but she knew her stuff. She knew when the best time to post was, she knew that people like list posts and don’t like soapboxes. She knew the importance of consistency in blogging.

It’s the consistency that is the scariest part. What if I run out out of topics? What if my followers aren’t fans of my personality? What if they think I’m a poser or that I’m lying? What if I don’t post enough and it dies?

Well, guess what? That’s exactly what happened simply because I was too intimidated to put something out there in Interweb space. As if there’s an Interweb spider waiting to attack.


Enter a caption

I’m sorry for fearing that spider but here’s my counter-attack:

I will be posting. I have a plan. And, since this is a fitness blog after all, I also have a diet and workout plan to go with it.

But first things first.

My next post is going to be a complete update of my fitness ups and downs from December to January. I should’ve been posting about it the entire time but I didn’t. But I will say that I achieved what I set out to do back in December – Log everything that I ate and continue on my fitness journey.

I did a Whole30.

I have my squat at 110 pounds (40 away from my New Year’s Resolution!).

And there will be posts. Oh, will there be posts.

And that’s the Way of Fit.

Food Log, 6/7:

Breakfast – sliced banana and frozen strawberries with unsweetened almond milk poured over them, coffee with Splenda (I know, artificial sweeteners are the devil) and vanilla creamer

Lunch – spinach salad with tuna and grapes

Snack – oatmeal (fruit and nut OWNS)

Dinner – chicken noodle soup

Night – almonds and dried cranberries, hot tea (dragonberry… The boyfriend gets excited in the tea aisle at Fresh Market)

It’s Possible – Hitting Those Health Goals in the New Year


Due to inclement holiday eating, I have decided today is my official “Day 1” of getting on a more healthy track.

And in order to do that, I’m utilizing a Christmas gift from one of my best friends to make a Health Journal slash Food Log for the New Year.

I did watch my food intake a little bit better yesterday since it was Sunday which is the real first day of the week; however, I couldn’t not help but have a few more holiday goods in the comfort of my mother’s home (and my childhood home) before heading back to reality.

I also weighed in between 156 and 157 pounds which is not only five pounds above holiday weight but nearly 15 pounds above my weight last December.. Granted last week I weighed 149 so for all of you feeling guilty about holiday eating out there give it a couple days of normalcy.

So, without further ado and with the acknowledgement that weight is clearly not a true measurement of health, my status:

Progress Pics: Front and side, December 2015.

Starting weight (SW): 156.5

Current weight (CW): 152.6

Goal weight (GW): 141

The main goal here is the watch my diet mainly by controlling portions and the urge to binge ALL. THE. TIME.

If I’m being honest, I’m a fairly decent eater on my own. I exercise – running and CrossFit, and the occasional swim. My running has taken a turn for the worst. I feel stronger thanks to CrossFit but the results are minimally visible. And I’m blaming diet.

And I should! We have all read that getting in shape and maintaining fitness is 20 percent in the gym and 80 percent what you eat.

In addition to my weight goal, I have three fitness-related goals for the New Year:

  1. Be able to front and back squat my body weight.
  2. Run another half marathon (and possibly a full!).
  3. Stop drinking.

I would like to achieve goals 1 and 2 by the end of 2016 and begin goal 3 starting as soon as the ball drops.

Which means I need to drink 1.5 bottles of wine that are sitting on my kitchen counter by Thursday.

And that’s The Way of Fit.

Food Log, 12/28:

Breakfast – Oatmeal with blueberries and a spoonful of PB, coffee with Splenda

Lunch – Turkey wrap on whole wheat tortilla with spinach, tomato, and mustard; grapes; 1 piece of Ferrero Rocher chocolate

Snack – Banana, coffee – black; oatmeal (instant this time)

Dinner – 1 egg over medium on top of 1/2 can of tuna mixed with 1/2 a diced avocado

Night – You guessed it… A glass of red wine.


Eating All Zee Foodz

It starts with just a handful of cereal out of the box.


Copyright – Nickelodeon

Innocent enough, right?


What starts as “oh, I just need a little sweet to counter the salty” turns into a full out binge-fest… Oh, there’s only a little bit more milk left so let me pour myself three more bowls of cereal to top it off.

I’m not fat – I’m 5’8″ and 150 pounds on a bad day – but I have an eating disorder.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, Binge Eating Disorder, or BED, is the most common eating disorder in the United States. It is characterized by eating episodes in which large amounts of food are eaten quickly, a loss of control during this binge, and feeling guilty afterwards. Often times those who suffer from BED will use unhealthy measures to counter the binges such as not eating enough when they don’t binge.

Yesterday, for example, I was healthy for the most part. I had Special K with almond milk for breakfast and a turkey wrap with veggies for lunch. After lunch, boredom struck and so did the phantom hunger I often experience because of it.

I went on a hunt for food. I found a box of stale Cheez-Its in an empty cubicle INSIDE A BOX and stole it back to my own cubicle. There I proceeded to eat half the box with a Diet Coke. When I was done, I felt like my butt had grown twice its size like the Grinch’s heart at the end of the movie. I discreetly rolled the plastic bag up, put it back in the box, and hide the box back in the empty cubicle.

But you work out so it’s okay… 

At my age, my metabolism might be able to handle a couple of binge episodes a week but this type of eating is not sustainable.

It is true that I work out a lot. I’m starting to believe I only do it to maintain my binge behavior on a subconscious level. Sometimes I think my binging is a rebellion – I won’t get fat from this, just watch me!

Maybe that isn’t entirely true… I have always been an active person. I swam in high school and continued to do so in college. I’ve tried rowing, I’ve tried lacrosse, I’ve boxed, I take yoga classes, I’ve run a marathon, and, most currently, I’ve taken up CrossFit. I enjoy fitness. I love the way it feels to be covered in sweat after a good workout but I am in danger.


I am in danger of sustaining a bad habit, an eating disorder that occurs in 3.5% of women in the United States, that could lead to my demise.

This blog is going to hold me accountable. I will maintain a record of my fitness habits – good and bad.

I am a physical healthy young woman but…

My life as a mentally healthy young woman starts here.

And that’s The Way of Fit.